Anouncement vs. Available Date:

01/10/2012 - 08/10/2012

Lowrance announced their new Touch range of HDS Gen2 units on the 1st October 2012, and by next week these units will be on the shelves here in South Africa. It is the first time that a new product has been available in stores within days of being announced internationally.


There are 6 models in the Touch range:

Combos - HDS7 / HDS9 / HDS12

Chart Plotters - HDS7m / HDS9m / HDS12m

Most Noticable Features:

Naturally the Touch feature is top of the list, but a very close second is the fact that the StructureScanHD is now also built in. This means that you only need to buy the transducer if you want High Definition SideScan and DownScan.


Colour & Brightness -

I have only had access to the HDS7 to date, but I can tell you that not only is it as bright as the Gen1 and Gen2 range, but the colours are more vivid.

Size -

As far as physical size goes, the Touch has gone more wide from an aspect ratio perspective.

Resolution -

The HDS7 Touch and HDS12 Touch is a big improvement over the previous models, where the HDS9 Touch lacks somewhat in the vertical pixels.

HDS7 Gen2 = 640 x 480 vs. HDS7 Gen2 Touch = 800 x 480

HDS8 Gen2 = 800 x 600 vs. HDS9 Gen2 Touch = 800 x 480

HDS10 Gen2 = 800 x 600 vs. HDS12 Gen2 Touch = 1280 x 800


The HDS7 Gen2 Touch now has five plugs at the back to accomodate the StructureScan transducer.

The HDS9 and HDS12 have six plugs, and all models are totally networkable with the previous Gen2 models.

Video Input:

The HDS9 & HDS12 has a video input on the power cable. This is a great feature because now all your videos from your iPod via SonicHub, FLIR ThermaCAM and GoPro cameras can be played directly to the unit.

Future Additions:

Go-Free will allow users to connect units wirelessly with the WiFi-1 Access Point.

Page and Panel Selections:

There is an almost endless list of options when it comes to Page selection and Panel resizing. The two that really stand out is the three way vertical split for DownScan, Sonar and Charts. This maximises the vertical resolution for depth as well as approaching waypoints and StructureMap detail.

And the other is the Steer, now with chart overlay and SideScan on top, or below it.

Waypoint Management:

The option to Export Region makes it very easy to manage large areas of waypoints and break them up into specific dams or coastal regions. The touch keyboard is also a welcome feature.



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