Sediment Charts

Sediment charts are old silt / topography charts created by the Department of Water Affairs prior to a dam wall being built. The quality of these charts can vary depending on the individual who created them at the time. Most of them are good with a high level of detail. The coloured charts make it easy to identify channels (blue) , rocky areas (orange), plantations (green) and man made objects (red) very quickly. Hybrid charts are a combination of sediment and satellite imagery.

Mosaic Charts

SideScan Mosaics are the most informative charts from a fishing perspective of areas that have not been logged from the air during times of drought.

Bottom Type

Bottom type, or hardness is only available on the Albert Falls and Midmar chart at this stage.

Contour Charts

Contour charts as depth contours created by an actual bathymetry survey, not data manipulated from an old topography chart. Believe it or not, 90% of contour charts available today are created from manipulated from historical data and is riddled with errors, therefore little more than a navigation guideline.

FishTec contour charts are created from an actual on the water survey logging thousands of kilometers of data, thus offering the most up to date and accurate charts available today.

Note - Insight Genesis charts and Lowrance SA charts can be used in conjunction with FishTec Fishing charts if you are using HDS Gen2 or Gen3 units.

Albert falls

Inanda dam

Midmar dam

Bivane Dam

Vryheid KZN

Bivane is a remarkable dam with tremendous fishing opportunities for bass fishermen, and offers superb accommodation at reasonable rates. There has never been a Bivane chart of any sort, other than a satellite and dam outline to date. These charts offer all the bells & whistles such as AerialHD, Elevation, Satellite, Contours, Bottom Hardness etc. found on more commonly known dams. Price = R3400 incl VAT
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