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Gauteng / OFS

Contour / Sediment / Combo Charts

The Lowrance SA Inland chart of a varying level of data in this area, from very little on the Vaal river to reasonable contours on Bronkhorstspruit Dam.

Vaal River

The Vaal River is now available in four options:
1. Northern Provinces Chart R2,100 - Satellite (with blue water colour)
2. Vaal West (Barrage to Golden Highway Bridge incl. Taaibos River) R3,400 / €300 - Satellite (HD & Combo), Mosaic (SideScan), 1300 georeferenced photos and sonar screenshots and Contour overlays.
3. Vaal East (Golden Highway Bridge - Power Station Weir incl. Suikerbos River) R3,400 / €300 - Satellite (HD & Combo), Mosaic (SideScan), 1100 georeferenced photos and Contour overlays.
4. Vaal Combo (Barrage to Power Station including Taaibos and Suikerbos Rivers) R5,500 / €450 - Has all the data from Vaal West and East including nearly 30km of shoreline with the NEW UltraHF SideScan Mosaic!

Mosaic Charts

In October 2016 this section of the river was surveyed using HD SideScan sonar. These charts can be viewed with or without contours and or panoramic image viewer.

DeHoop Dam

Steelpoort Limpopo Province

DeHoop Dam lies approximately 200km NE of Pretoria and was supposed to be completed by 2010 but due to labour and technical issues, was delayed by four years and was completed in 2014.
The deepest section is around 240ft making it a very deep dam by South African standards. It has a shoreline of nearly 50km, but as the crow flies, from river bridge to dam wall, is a mere 12km. The multiple coves, bays and inlets make this a very exciting venue to fish from a structure perspective. When the dam was built, very few areas were cleared of timber, therefore cover is an absolute abundance, and as great as this is for the bass, it is somewhat of a challenge for the angler to locate those 'special spots'.

FishTec mapped this dam in February 2018 when the dam was 98% (down 2-3ft). The bathymetry data (contours) was captured by both driven and autonomous craft and covered the entire dam except for the very dense timber areas where it was not possible to navigate or collect accurate data. This was a massive challenge when it came to processing the data as all the trees had to be removed from the depth data in order to give an accurate representation of the bottom profile and not the tree profiles with the bottom.

The FishTec HD Fishing Charts Includes the Following:-
CONTOURS - Major Contours (3ft intervals), Minor Contours (1ft intervals), Colour Isobaths (15ft intervals), Shoreline, Sediment Data such as roads, buildings (foundation only), fences, power lines, creeks etc, as well as provisional Labels for the various areas, all of which can be turned on or off in the Categories Menu.

SHADED RELIEF - This is basically a copy of the Contours, but with a Shaded 3D like appearance
SATELLITE - This is a satellite image of the dam at close to 100% with the ability to overlay all the contour and sediment data or parts thereof on and off

SAR2012 - This is a Satellite image of when the dam was nearing completion but had no water as yet. All contour and sediment data can be turned on and off for this layer too.
UltraHF - This is the Ultra High Frequency SideScan Mosaic that identifies the smallest of detail. Due to the abundance of timber, one needs to look closely at these mosaics to find those 'spot within a spot' type areas. This layer also has the contour and sediment data that can be turned on and off as an overlay.
Price = R3400 incl VAT

Roodekopjes Dam

Brits NW Province

Roodekopjes Dam was mapped in October 2017 when the dam was at around 80%. The chart consists of flying camera and water level georeferenced photos around the entire dam. It also has contours, satellite as well as UltraHF mosaics. Key areas were also recorded using a flying camera for AerialHD and 3D Elevation mosaics.

Price = R3400 incl VAT
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